Effectively Immediate OSHA Compliance

Do you have a plan to meet mandatory engineering control requirements for the reduction of respirable crystalline silica below mandated OSHA regulatory limits by the June 23, 2021 deadline? A plan that won’t break the bank and possibly require countless hours to develop a solution which may or may not work? Do you know all the benefits of becoming compliant in just one simple step? Sierra Dust Control offers a fast, universal solution to fit your company’s needs without interrupting operations.

More Benefits of Sierra’s OSHA Compliance

The Danger of Silicosis


The risk of silicosis for workers on hydraulic fracturing worksites is becoming more critical for companies in the oil and gas industry. Sierra Dust Control provides state-of-the-art protection for your employees: reducing company liability regarding human health and the environment, keeps company equipment free of dust accumulation and allows for a more comfortable and cleaner environment free of airborne silica dust.

More About Protection From Silicosis

Universal Silica Dust Control

Air monitoring using in-house methods can result in inaccurate readings, as well as not meeting industry testing standards, taking unreasonable amounts of time, money, and can be dangerous for the workers exposed to respirable silica. Our turnkey solution allows you to stay focused on what you do best, completing wells, without having to worry about regulations.

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