Equipment and Services


Sierra Dust Control, LLC will provide all necessary equipment and personnel to perform services to control silica dust generated during completion operations. Installation procedures do not require welding, cutting, or altering of any equipment for attaching any part of the dust collection system. No lifting equipment is required during rig up process.

Rig Up

Rig up of our Total Dust Control System is carefully coordinated with the fracturing service company as they set equipment. As each piece of equipment is set, we rig up that portion of the system. We can assure our service and quality will be above and beyond our competitors with no delays or complications of any kind at any time.

System Components

System components are the same for all jobs but configuration may vary based on the service company’s particular set up. We are able to set up our dust system in any way to accommodate the customer’s equipment configuration.

Fittings and manifold components are made in-house out of aluminum. All containment material and frame pieces are also fabricated and sewn at the Tatum facility. We can accommodate both single and dual T-belts and a two blender set up. We use 20,000 CFM dust collectors as our vacuum source. We believe in redundancy so most every job will be equipped with two machines. Most jobs do not require both machines to run simultaneously, however, these machines must be cleaned regularly for optimum performance. The use of the machines is alternated during a job, while one is collecting dust, the other is cleaning filters.


Our employees are thoroughly trained and evaluated by experienced field supervisors before operating the system independently. Newly hired employees go through an extensive orientation before being paired with our best field operators. On the job training lasts until new operators can demonstrate they fully understand the system, equipment, and its capabilities. Once approved by field supervisors, newly trained operators will be free to work jobs on their own.

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